Repeat Prescriptions

If you wish to order or request a repeat prescription we remind you that all requests do need to be given in writing or online. Due to safety reasons we are unable to take verbal requests for medication either over the phone or in person at the reception desk.

You can order your medication in any one of the following ways:

Complete one of our order forms. you can pick up these order forms at the reception desk or ask a friend/relative to collect some for you. The completed form can be handed into reception in person or posted to the Medical Centre.

You can order your prescriptions online by following the link at the top of this page or from the front page to EMIS Access - register at reception before using this system, or

When you receive medication from your pharmacy you will find a green slip of paper (which was originally attached to the prescription sheet). Keep that slip and when you need more medication tick the relevant boxes on the right hand side and hand the completed sheet in to Reception at the Medical Centre or post it to us.

It is our aim to ensure you are able to collect your prescription within 48 hours including if you're collecting your prescription from a Pharmacy.  There are times when we cannot process your request without referring to the Doctor for advice, this could be because you have ordered too early, your medication may need to be reviewed by a GP or there is an additional query about your order.

If you wish to order in advance or have an extra quantity, please could you make it clear on your prescription request what you need and why.

Please remember when you order your prescriptions order only what you need. Please see Waste Medications for further details.


Prescription Process

prescriptions document button (Word document)


Waste Medication

Medication waste is serious growing problem within the NHS, for more information please see this Unused prescription medicines leaflet.


Prescriptions Queries

The Ryalls Park Medical Centre computer system identifies patients who are either ordering repeat medications too early or have not had a particular medication regularly.

In those cases a query is automatically generated for the GP to see. This can take at least 2 working days to pass by the GP for a decision.

It is the Patients responsibility to ensure they do not order too early or in larger quantities. If a Patient does need a larger quantity or needs their medication early, we advise them to state very clearly the reasons why on their request.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing or eRD

We are moving suitable patients across to eRD prescriptions - They will receive the letter below via Text Message.

eRD Letter

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