COVID-19 Childhood Immunisation Changes

Due to COVID-19 Ryalls Park Medical Centre (RPMC) are delivering the childhood immunisations programme for Yeovil Practices. RPMC will be a super clean zone to maximise patient safety when attending their appointment. Below is a link to Yeovil Primary Care Network (PCN) which explains why the practices are working together in these challenging times. 

Yeovil Primary Care Network Video

To keep patients safe when attending the practice we have some very specific instructions parents will need to follow: 

  • Only one parent to attend with their child. 
  • We are asking parents to arrive by car - if this is not possible please can you make this known to a member of staff.

For patients who are not registered at RPMC our address is Ryalls Park Medical Centre, Marsh Lane, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3BA. We are located just off of Ilchester Road and next to Mudford Rec. 

When you arrive please park in the left car park (this is sign-posted as the staff car park), but this will be available for immunisation patients. Please stay in your car and display a piece of paper visibly on your dashboard with your child's initials and appointment time.

You will need to stay in your car until approached by our HCA, where they will check both of your temperatures. If anyone's temperature is above 37.5c you will be advised to leave straight away as these contradict COVID-19 guidelines. And we will rearrange your appointment for another date/time. 

If your temperature is below 37.5c our HCA will then escort you to room 9 through the back entrance where you will be asked to sanitize both of your hands. 

You will then be called in to room 10 by the nurses administering the vaccinations. The HCA will the escort you out of the building when your appointment has finished. 

We do not want you to feel alarmed, but our HCA/Nurses will be in full personal protection equipment (PPE) this includes; masks, gloves and aprons. This is for the patients protection, but we understand this can be difficult for young children to understand. 

Please remember to bring your red book and thank you for your support/understanding with these changes. 


This practice follows the national policy for childhood immunisation. Further information can be found on the NHS Immunisation Schedule website.

New additions to Schedule

Cervical Cancer can be caused by human papillomavirus types 16 and 18- recently the HPV vaccination has been introduced into the schedule for girls aged 12 to 13. The hpv vaccination is usually administered in schools, however if your child has missed their hpv vaccination you can contact the surgery on 01935 434000 to book an appointment with the Practice Nurse. 


Tetanus & Polio

Protection against tetanus and polio should be kept up to date. A full primary course with a booster at 15 years of age should be followed by at least two boosters at 10 year intervals to protect throughout life.

Seasonal Flu Vaccination

Influenza – flu – is a highly infectious and potentially serious illness caused by influenza viruses.  Each year the make-up of the seasonal flu vaccine is designed to protect against the influenza viruses that the World Health Organization decide are most likely to be circulating in the coming winter.

Regular immunisation (vaccination) is given free of charge to the following at-risk people, to protect them from seasonal flu:

  • people aged 65 or over,
  • people with a serious medical condition
  • people living in a residential or nursing home
  • the main carers for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer becomes ill
  • healthcare or social care professionals directly involved in patient care, and
  • those who work in close contact with poultry, such as chickens.

Travel Immunisations

Travel Advice services

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