COVID-19 Appointments at Ryalls Park

Due to COVID-19 Ryalls Park Medical Centre (RPMC) are delivering Practice Nurse and GP appoinntments for Sheilded Patients for Yeovil Practices, these appointments have to be pre-arranged; please don't just turn up to the practice. RPMC will be a super clean zone to maximise patient safety when attending their appointment. 

To keep patients safe when attending the practice we have some very specific instructions parents will need to follow: 

Only the patient to attend where possible. 

We are asking parents to arrive by car - if this is not possible please can you make this known to a member of staff.

For patients who are not registered at RPMC our address is Ryalls Park Medical Centre, Marsh Lane, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3BA. We are located just off of Ilchester Road and next to Mudford Rec. 

When you arrive please park in the left car park (this is sign-posted as the staff car park), but this will be available for sheilded patients. Please stay in your car and display a piece of paper visibly on your dashboard with your initials and appointment time.

You will need to stay in your car until approached by a member of our team, where they will check your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.8c you will be advised to leave straight away as these contradict COVID-19 guidelines. And we will rearrange your appointment for another date/time. 

If your temperature is below 37.8c our HCA will then escort you to room 9 through the back entrance where you will be asked to sanitize both of your hands. 

We do not want you to feel alarmed, but our team will be in full personal protection equipment (PPE) this includes; masks, gloves and aprons - this is for the patients protection,.

Please remember to bring any relevant paperwork if indicated. 


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

Update 13/09/2020

A continued thank you to our population for supporting us to deliver care to our patients during the pandemic.

Thank you for staying home, staying safe, wherever possible. Your actions have resulted in the lowest regional infection rates in the UK.

As we transition out of this phase it is vitally important that we do not lose sight of the risk that still exists.

To support you with this we wanted to confirm the current arrangements for accessing care at the Practice.



We have greatly appreciate the uptake we have seen in the use of self-care resources. The feedback we have received from patients has been very positive i.e. “I have a sore toe, I have looked at the website and it said because I’m a diabetic I should contact the practice.”

See the A-Z of Medicines


Requesting a prescription

We are now paperless in our prescription requesting process. Prescriptions can be ordered by downloading the NHS App or through Patient Access. Downloading the NHS App has been designed to be as easy as possible with ID verification taking place online. If this doesn’t work for you we have updated our Patient Access to allow verification through questioning over the phone in a similar style to banking. You will asked a series of questions about your medical history to confirm your identity such as what operation did you have in 1978. Once confirmed we will update your email address and send you access details.

If you do not have access to the internet please give the team a call to discuss the best way to order.

See the NHS App Library

All prescriptions are now sent to the pharmacy electronically, paper is no more! If you haven’t already selected a Pharmacy you can do so on the NHS App or by ringing the Pharmacy of your choice. If, when your prescription is due, you don’t have one selected we set it to Rowlands on your behalf. You can change this at anytime.


When you need help

We are here for you. We saw a 600% increase in “online consultations” in the first week of the pandemic and this usage level has continued to rise. Online consultations offers a hassle free way to contact the practice when you can no longer self-care. Once the team have received your request you will either receive a direct reply or a telephone or video consultation. This has rapidly become the primary route for contacting the practice for routine matters, if you can please use this route, keeping the phones free for those who cannot.

We are able to provide a large majority of the services including onward referral to hospital where required. If you are worried about a problem check out the nhs website and if you remain worried get in touch. If we are currently unable to provide a service for any reason we will let you know and add your name to a waiting list.

Online Consultation Portal


When you need to be seen face to face

The practices in Yeovil, from day one of the Pandemic, committed to working together to see our patients in the safest way possible. You will be given an appointment time and location and asked to wait in your car until the clinician is ready to see you.

Seeing patients face to face is , and will for some time remain, a “high risk activity” that will not be carried out unless absolutely required. The use of video consultations has been very helpful.


Feedback on our response to the coronavirus

Our response to the Coronavirus required rapid and substantial change to the way we deliver care to our patients. We are actively seeking feedback on these changes, and how they were implemented. Please send any feedback you have on the changes made since the 16th March 2020 to We will use this feedback to celebrate our successes, refine the current service and review implementation strategies for future change.

Home Oxygen Monitoring Patient Pack - Please only used if instructed to do so by a clinician at the practice.

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